Clinton’s son-in-law lost Rothschild’s money in Greece

Clinton’s son-in-law lost Rothschild’s money in Greece

24 March 2015 / 16:03:14  GRReporter
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As GRReporter informed its readers some time ago, former US President Bill Clinton’s son-in- law Marc Mezvinsky lost huge sums in Greek securities. The investors who had entrusted their money to the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners managed by Mezvinsky suffered significant losses too.

According to a new report by the American newspaper The New York Times, after the electoral victory of SYRIZA in Greece on 25 January this year, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law sent a letter to the clients of the hedge fund to inform them that he was wrong in making the relevant assessments and betting on the recovery of the Greek economy.

The clients of Eaglevale Partners included both members of the famous Rothschild family and the investment bank Goldman Sachs, where Mezvinsky had worked for eight years before moving to a private equity fund.

According to the data presented by the American edition, the losses reported by Eaglevale Partners in 2014 amounted to 3.6%. As a result, the fund has limited its participation in the Greek securities market. Some investors have even completely withdrawn their money from the hedge fund managed by Mezvinsky, who in turn has started betting primarily on American currency with the expectation that the value of the dollar will exceed that of a number of foreign currencies.

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