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Dear lawd how much symbolism, satanism and demonic posession stuff can you fit into a single vid?
dayum. what the hell is this shiz!


Lyrics explenation:

Quote:In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen
Stands a solitary candle, ah-ah, ah-ah
In the centre of it all, in the centre of it all
Your eyes

Ormen is the name of a village in Norway.
“Ormen” actually means “Serpent” in Norwegian
The most famous example of this name’s use in history
is the “Ormen Lange” (the “Long Serpent”) – a Viking ship
King Olav captured from a rival king who violently rejected
Christ during Olav’s Christian crusade in the last years
of the 8th century AD.

Therefore, one can read it as “Behold as you enter… the town of the serpent

The opening chant may imply that this is the lone, last bastion of hope/light/faith
(that solitary, flickering candle) in a sad, tragic locale, the “Villa of Ormen”
(a “village/town of serpents”). The video literally shows a solitary candle
it’s not even certain that light symbolizes good. Bowie is willfully inscrutable.
The “centre of it all” may or may not be a literal physical center
(like the central spire) in the video. It could be a “centre” in the sense of
“an essential element, the core of its situation.”
One meaning doesn’t necessarily cancel the other

Quote:On the day of execution, on the day of execution
Only women kneel and smile, ah-ah, ah-ah
At the centre of it all, at the centre of it all
Your eyes, your eyes

The imagery here is rich in Satanic overtones, something Bowie has flirted with in the past.
In the 1970s, during his Thin White Duke phase, he became deeply engaged in the writings of
occultist and novelist, Aleister Crowley, drawing pentagrams on the floor, fuelled by copious
amounts of cocaine, peppers and milk.

Here, Bowie describes either a black mass, an inversion of traditional catholic praxes, or a
Gnostic mass, Gnosticism being another one of Bowie’s flirtations. The repeated “ah-ah, ah-ah”
is ritualistically daemonic, while the “solitary candle” and the execution of the “kneeling women”
induces a distinctly menacing atmosphere to the song.


Quote:Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)

Possibly referring to Bowie’s familiar character Major Tom, an astronaut referenced in Bowie’s
“Space Oddity,” “Ashes to Ashes,” and “Hallo Spaceboy.” The opening sequence of the video shows
the body of an astronaut. Later in the video, a skull (the astronaut’s)? is brought forward,
imbued with gems, and a skeletal body drifts toward the black star in space.
All this implies a sort of ritual sacrifice. The line could also be referring to a religious
figure such as Jesus Christ.

The various ‘savior’ myths of many world cultures may apply here. Each time one of the spiritual leaders has fallen, another individual or a group of others has taken up the challenge of continuing the philosophy in order to try and help change humanity for the better (or worse).

“Blackstar” has many possible meanings—the central symbolism is that it’s something powerful and known by all (like a star), while set up in contrast to to the rest (“born upside down, born the wrong way ‘round,” and all the denials of the star he is not). “Black” may also have some occult symbolism, or symbolism mystery or unknowable but the “opposite” symbolism is very prominent throughout the song.

There are a few meanings of “black star” in physics—both in reference to dark energy, and as something analogous to a black hole.

In Mesoamerican and occult mythology, the “black sun” has meanings associated with death and rebirth. In ancient Judaic and Islamic cults, “black star” may have referred to the planet Saturn.

In Kabalarian philosophy, the name Blackstar gives one the desire to understand and help others with their problems, but, at the same time, one can become too involved and worrying as the result.

Quote:How many times does an angel fall?
How many people lie instead of talking tall?
He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd
(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar, I’m not a gangstar)

Bowie introduces yet more Satanic imagery to the song, shifting the focus from the ritualism of the first verses to more explicit references to Satan himself. The questioning tone though shrouds the lyrics in ambiguity and mystery.
A “fallen angel” is one which, once pure, has been corrupted either by temptation or pride. The most famous fallen angel is Satan, who aspired to be God, rather than his servant. Perhaps the most canonical, and sympathetic, depiction of Satan is Milton’s who in Paradise Lost described Satan, pre-fall, as shining brighter than the “Sun amongst the stars.”

“Talking tall” traditionally means telling intentionally grandiose stories, like tall tales.But, set in contrast with “lie” in these lines, it may mean something like “taking the high road” – choosing the correct path rather than the easy (lying) way. Many people, when faced with a moment of truth, decide to take the easy way out and misrepresent their true feelings, or lie to avoid the difficult way.

“Talking tall” also plays on the other meaning of lie—”to lie down.“ Even if both are deceit, there’s a big difference in confidence and nerve. What separates the Great I Am from those pan-flashers.

The blackstar has the temerity and confidence to walk where other people dare not, and to address the followers who may consider it blasphemy.

Quote:I can’t answer why (I’m a blackstar)
Just go with me (I’m not a filmstar)
I’m-a take you home (I’m a blackstar)
Take your passport and shoes (I’m not a popstar)
And your sedatives, boo (I’m a blackstar)
You’re a flash in the pan (I’m not a marvel star)
I’m the Great I Am (I’m a blackstar)

Bowie defines “blackstar” in terms of what it is not—a kind of negative definition, fitting the “black” symbolism.
The song has two very distinct musical styles. The beginning and end being very influenced by middle eastern music, while the mid section is distinctly Wetern (American). This would suggest, based on the music alone, that context of the song is a cultural one – the East and the West.

We can also read that the Blackstar is NOT famous for the things Western Celebrities are known for.
“I’m not a popstar” “I’m not a filmstar” etc. So it is some sort of anti-celebrity, but still with a sort of star power.

Bowie himself has taken on the role of the iconoclast throughout his career—to some degree, he identifies with this character.

Handing over a passport and removing shoes are a ritual at airports, when going through security. Sedatives are taken by people in flight, and are also a method of control. It may be a contemptuous statement overall on passivity of whoever he’s addressing—the people who follow this leader, or the others who aspire to those heights.

Bowie’s body language is like that of someone playing “peekaboo” at that moment, with his hand raised and spread. This could be a statement on the mocking arrogance of power.

In Exodus 3:14, God refers to himself as “I Am” when speaking to Moses at the burning bush.

Bowie (or the character he embodies) sees himself as everlasting God compared to whom he is addressing, an ephemeral flash in the pan. The popular iconography of a comic book hero is nothing compared to the powerful image of a God.

Quote:I’m a blackstar, way up, on money, I’ve got game
I see right, so wide, so open-hearted pain
I want eagles in my daydreams, diamonds in my eyes
(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)

ere Bowie uses some of the traditional markers of stardom—money and game. While the Blackstar declares himself to not be a film star or a pop star, he values aspects of that type of stardom.there are also some occult connotations being “on money”

The eagle has long been a symbol of strength, vision and leadership. The image of an eagle has been represented on the banners of many of the world’s great empires throughout history.

Eagles convey the powers and messages of the spirit; it is Man’s connection to the divine.
The eagle brings the message of renewed life because it is associated with the east winds – the direction of spring, dawn and rebirth.

On the other hand, diamonds are a symbol of love, prosperity and perseverance. Diamonds are often associated with wedding rings, also, which does make them symbolic of commitment.

Through contrast of the terms “daydreams” (fantasy) and “eyes” (reality), Bowie is playing off the idea that “actions speak louder than words.”

Bowie is ultimately putting forth the notion that he wants vision and leadership, but acknowledges this alone is not enough. Bowie wants the ideas and policies of leadership and government to be more than just vision – leadership must be put into practice if it is to manifest itself into success.

Quote:Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
(I’m a blackstar, I’m a star’s star, I’m a blackstar)

There are several possible interpretations of these lines, all of them revolving around the central idea of perpetuating ideas and energy.

If we assume the figure in question is Bowie’s recurring character Major Tom, we can interpret this as an abstract version of his eulogy. Though he has died, what he represents carries on through those who knew him and knew of him. While it is important to regard Blackstar as a distinct work, if we look at the video for this song and the lyrics from “Space Oddity”, we can see implications that Major Tom was influential to others both before and after his death. Outside the context of his character arc, his influence was also literally spread to us, the listeners of Bowie’s music.

The lyrics could also be describing David Bowie himself and how he perceives his position both in life and in the music industry. Even if Blackstar the song and Blackstar the album are Bowie’s version of a last hurrah, his impact will live on through others artists who will follow in his footsteps.

It is also possible these lines are a commentary on the general philosophical idea of human beings becoming one with the universe upon death. Literally, since we are made up of elements found within the universe, those elements return to the universe when our bodies decompose, (a concept described eloquently by Neil deGrasse Tyson in this video). Poetically, our “energy” persists despite the extinguishing of our consciousnesses

Quote:I can’t answer why (I’m not a gangstar)
But I can tell you how (I’m not a film star)
We were born upside-down (I’m a star’s star)
Born the wrong way ‘round (I’m not a white star)

This may be referring to the “inherited guilt” of many religions; Eve ate the apple, Jesus died for our sins – We all deserve eternal suffering unless we repent (or conform to the demands of the prophet.)

It can also refer to the Blackstar himself, standing in opposition to the white star and to society in general—an iconoclast like Bowie.The Blackstar seems to be defined as being different than other stars—which is in keeping with a lot of the religious and literary symbolism of “black.”

Quote:(I’m a blackstar, I’m not a gangstar
I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar
I’m not a pornstar, I’m not a wandering star
I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)

Bowie brings in two more kinds of stars: a porn star and a wandering star.

“Porn star” seems to fit in well with “gang star,” “film star,” and “pop star”—cultural entertainers catering to hedonistic desires.

“Wandering star” fits in more with the occult or cosmic theme. “Wandering star” is an ancient term for a planet, and also has Biblical meaning (from Jude 1:13) in reference to wayward souls who have strayed from the path of Christ.

But there may be a pop culture element to it as well—“Wand’rin Star” was a hit single by Lee Marvin, most popular in the UK and Ireland.

so in conclusion:

this is one heretic, satanical vid with a deeply occult message. i felt awkward watching it. hence the warning.

Confused Confused Confused Confused

İmage X gon’ give it to ya!

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(01-09-2016, 12:29 PM)Riddler Wrote:  Dear lawd how much symbolism, satanism and demonic posession stuff can you fit into a single vid?
dayum. what the hell is this shiz!


so in conclusion:

this is one heretic, satanical vid with a deeply occult message. i felt awkward watching it. hence the warning.

Confused Confused Confused Confused

Thank you Riddler, great analysis! I couldn´t agree more. Scary stuff.

When I read about the video I thought – “How bad can it be”? But, it turned out far worse than I thought. It couldn´t be more “in your face” than this and I am surprised than Bowie does such a strange video. What is his purpose? Does his “demon” demands him to do this?

I saw an interiew with Swedish video director Johan Renck (in swedish, no use linking to it) and he said that Bowie sent him strange drawings and said that Renck could use them or do whatever he wanted with them. Some of the drawings, like the girl with the long skirt and tail, was executed.

Oh yes – “Ormen” means “The serpent”, not “serpent” which would be just “orm” in both Norwegian and Swedish. That is “In the villa of Ormen” is “In the villa of the serpent” which of course makes it even more blatant. I am fluent in both Norwegian and Swedish.

Have you also seen “Lazarus”? That is also a scary video.

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